Narry + July



I wish that I could wake up with amnesia >> Michael Clifford (x)


Debby | The Never Ending.

the never ending // one tracklist + lyrics

We’re this group of people that found each other in this crazy town and decided that we liked making music better when we were making music together. Simple as that. To me, telling these stories with these people is the most important part of the process…we get to do something that will live on after us. We get to do something never ending.

made it happen tonight, friends


wait omg that’s the name of MY band

@debbyryan: happy birthday brother. I love your soul and I like your hair.


@debbyryan: This gurl is my soul crush. Not only is @yelyahwilliams actually the greatest frontwoman of all time, but she happens to be the best human. Side note: if you’ve never seen @Paramore live, you’re doing it wrong. You have NO idea what you’re missing.